Legends Are Made, Not Born (DM: LSam2)


For the past few years, the ogre Blogg has demanded monthly tribute from the town of Dundraville. Since the demands were only ale, sheep, and occasional mundane supplies, the town reluctantly complied. The ogre was content to collect his extorted goods and otherwise leave the town alone. However, last month, the tribute changed – in addition to ale and sheep, the ogre demanded gold and building materials!

But now the situation has grown even more grim. The ogre returned this morning two weeks early with yet more demands of ale and worse – townsfolk! Dundraville erupted in protest and denied the ogre’s request. The brute flew into a rage and after injuring many people, hauled two townsfolk forcibly back to his lair – destined for his gullet no doubt!

But amidst the turmoil, a small number of brave (or opportunistic) townsfolk have vowed to confront the ogre and bring him to justice. With the aid of a local hedge witch and the brewers in town, the last batch of ale the ogre took was laced with a mild poison to help incapacitate the brute. Now, as night falls, the ogre should be under the influence of the ale and mild poison… it’s time for you to finish the deed.


Session 1: Meriel the elven mystic, Hoti the contemplative holy man, Decado Wexler the ne’er-do-well fencer, Djando Wexler the simple-minded arcane savant, Hokuten the honor-driven warrior, and Thallu the scarred-covered berserker set out from Dundraville to Skulltop Hillock where the ogre was known to lair. Rumors some of them had heard of alternate entrances to the hill’s interior had them searching the far side and ultimately discover a small crevice into the hill.

The crevice opened into a series of natural caves and tunnels inhabited by wild animals. Passing through an empty bat cave they entered the lair of a giant skunk. The skunk assumed a defensive posture with its tail raised high but the party advanced rather than retreated and the skunk, interpreting their movement, gestures, flashing lights, and strange vocalizations as a threat, sprayed them with its musk. The party killed the skunk in return, though that did nothing to remove the stench that now preceded them everywhere they went.

Deeper into the tunnels, the group of novice villagers discovered a crude stone door, locked and engraved with two sets of runes – one scratched out and the other in a different language. Unable to unlock the door, read either set of runes, or break the door down, they proceeded on. An encounter with giant fire beetles went peacefully as neither group became a threat to each other. Finally, when the tunnels terminated in a dead end, an unrelenting search of the wall revealed a secret passage to a chamber beyond… a chamber filled with the extorted supplies from Dundraville. They had found a rear entrance to the ogre’s lair!

Tracking the footprints of an ogre and two humans, the party came upon Blogg in a severely impaired state – asleep, intoxicated, and mildly poisoned. Pausing briefly to discuss a plan of attack, Thallu charged in when the giant began to sneeze and snort, even in his state, at odor of the skunk musk. Hotuken rushed in behind him, while Decado went to another portion of the room to observe as events unfolded. Hoti held the torchlight high, preparing to help any who should be injured. Meriel and Django bided their time as the two spellcasters considered the situation and their options – one out of acute calculation and the other out of dull curiosity.

The fight was intense though not easy. Despite the ogre’s incapacitation, his thick flesh and the cracked leather armor he wore prevented the novice combatants from frequently landing telling blows. But as the ogre awoke from his injuries, Django burst forth a spray of arcane colors that stunned and blinded Blogg and blinded. The rest of the group attacked the brutish giant until the ogre was no long breathing – and even continuing for a short time after that. Blogg was dead, but the two townsfolk the ogre had taken were nowhere to be found.

It was Decado who noticed that they were being observed from the shadows by a hobgolin in blue pajamas who quickly retreated when he saw that he had been noticed.

Meriel: 480/1000 xp (50 role play, 240 combat, 50 hosting, 125 adventure objective, 50 class)
Decado Wexler: 580/1000 xp (100 character concept, 100 role play, 240 combat, 50 class, 125 adventure objective)
Django Wexler: 580/1000 xp (100 character concept, 100 role play, 240 combat, 50 class, 125 adventure objective)
Hokuten: 630/1000 xp (100 character concept, 100 role play, 240 combat, 100 class, 125 adventure objective)
Hoti: 325/1000 xp (100 character concept, 100 role play, 125 adventure objective)
Thallu: 615/1000 xp (50 character concept, 100 role play, 240 combat, 100 class, 125 adventure objective)


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