Dungeon Crawl

You’re no hero.

You’re a reaver, a cutpurse, a heathen-slayer, a tight-lipped warlock guarding long-dead secrets.

You seek gold and glory, winning it with sword and sorcery, caked in the blood and filth of the depraved, the dark, the monstrous, and the vanquished. There are treasures to be won beneath the earth and in the wilderness, and you shall have them.

Despite what appears to be a heroic start to the game, each character has his own motivations which may or may not be. The setting is intended to be gritty, mostly neutral, and have an emphasis on the exploration of dungeons and the wilderness for the primary purpose of plunder and adventure.

The Hero Points rules are not utilized. Additionally, characters do not begin play with any free traits. If you want your PC to have traits, you must “buy” them with the Additional Traits feat or with Drawbacks.

Dungeon Crawl

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