The Eye of the Night (DM: LSam2)


While traveling across the countryside on the way to the Oldarch Forest, the Heroes of Haldor come across a large farming commune in shambles. Fairweather stretches before them, toppled barns and ravaged fields dotting the landscape. A muffled cry leads them to one of the ruined barns, where a dying farmer tells the tragic tale of the raider attacks and their search for a large topaz rumored to rest in the community. He tells the party that the commune leader was last seen being dragged off to a barn on the other side of the commune.

The Well of the Worm (DM: LSam2)


Haldor has seen better times. Once a robust town, it is now a village on the brink of collapse. Young and mature men alike were mustered every spring and summer for decades as the barons clashed on the formerly fertile plains of Barrowdown. These conflicts destroyed the fields of crops, poisoned the well there, and soaked the earth in blood. While the wars have long since passed, their harm to the surrounding populace had already been done. But now, a new threat rises to finish what the years of battle did not.

Giant worms with the faces of tormented men are emerging from the earth to terrorize the nearby villages and drain the blood of peasants as they sleep. Worse, their victims rise as zombies shortly thereafter, unliving hosts to immature worms as they gestate. A village wise woman has determined the source of the worms – the old abandoned well on the plains of Barrowdown.


The village elders called for volunteers from the village and surrounding areas – brave (or opportunistic) souls willing to battle the plague of worms – and you have answered that call.



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