With a crooked smile and a seemingly unlimited supply of strands of straw to hang from his mouth, Tex prides himself on being the best bowslinger the west has ever seen.


Tex is often known for his mangled teeth and his broad, crooked smile. He wears a long black coat and a wide brimmed hat that he enjoys tipping up when he thinks he’s got an idea. Loud and lacking in wit, you can often hear his voice before you see his face.


Having had his mother die during childbirth and his father being a drunkard who was often found at the towns tavern or on the wrong side of a pair of bars, Tex grew up in the town streets, stealing and fighting with the other children. His average strength never overpowered the other children but being known for his dexterity he often found himself tiring out his foes. In his fathers few sober days, he would teach him the ways of the bow and the patience it required. Tex’s impatience and cockiness often takes away from his skills but his determination far out ways both.


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