Serif Samarand

Impressively old and infirm, his wisdom and counsel are far more valuable than his martial might.


Serif Samarand is an elderly human male whose height is 5-feet 10-inches but who stands at only 5-feet 8-inches as he leans hunched over on his lance with both hands for support. His thin and well-receded hair is long and completely white, complemented by a well-groomed mustache and goatee. Serif’s voice resonates with confidence while the gaze of his steel-blue eyes inspires his allies and intimidates his foes.


A cleric of the Lance whose prime has long passed, Serif Samarand never became the crusader he had hoped to in his youth. Now advanced in age and infirm, he is prone to exhaustion and fits of coughing. Nevertheless, he remains a faithful servant of the gods and while he can no longer take the fight to the enemy hand-to-hand, his wisdom, counsel, and divine blessings are of great benefit to his allies.

“Now, live up to the destiny the gods have placed in your heart and fight!”

Serif Samarand

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