Impressively bright and talented, his skill in the arcane arts is far greater than his humility.


Nikademus is a strapping, impeccably-dressed human male who stands at 5-feet 11-inches. Always well-groomed and well-dressed, his jet black hair creates a handsome contrast with his ocean-blue eyes. At his belt is a sheathed dagger that is only for show.


As a young boy Nikademus was thought addle-minded by the people of his village for always speaking gibberish, playing with “imaginary butterflies,” and drawing nonsensical squiggles in the dirt. When the wizards of the Ordo Arcana came through seeking pupils as they did once a year, Nikademus was not among those presented. It was the archmage Xerxes who recognized the child’s strange behavior for what it was – an innate magical aptitude; and took him as his personal pupil. To the wizard’s amazement, Nikademus did not just learn the magical formulas he was taught but also manipulates at will the very essence of magic that exists around him. Nikademus has grown up to be a talented man with great arcane potential, though a little too aware of his unique abilities.

Magic is like the thread on a loom, and I am its weaver.


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