Half blind but equipped with handsome features and a curse, Kaesus leads his life in a forced devotion to the gods.


Small range of sight but is able to see in total darkness in what he is able to perceive. Handsome but quiet, he carries a blindfold in which he wears when he has time to sit and simply listen to the voices that speak to him.
He is clad in a large black cloak that drags along the ground with a hood that casts a shadow over his eyes.


Kaesus was born into a rich family with devoted parents. His parents were loving and caring towards their son, but refused to allow faith into their home, denying the gods. The Stranger became furious and cursed their beloved son Kaesus, bestowing gifts along with the curse. His parents payed a heavier price, passing from sickness after losing all their wealth. Kaesus grew up with his aunt, seeing strange visions and hearing strange voices. Vowing to understand the God who caused his parents demise, he devotes himself to an already forced faith.


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