Graeme Bladesong

Impressively skilled with the rapier, what he lacks in strength he makes up for in technique and tenacity.


Graeme is an attractive, athletic-looking male of sleight build and cat-like grace who stands exactly at 6-feet. He is always dressed in city attire even when traveling.


Born to an important aristocratic family in a nearby metropolis, Graeme was raised to be a paragon of excellence and obedience to its patriarch. But his natural personality bristled at such a boring, regimented life – he craved adventure, excitement, and a challenge. So, at a critical event between his family and the representatives of a number of other powerful families, he intentionally made a tremendous faux pas that resulted in his banishment.

Graeme’s light physique has been a disadvantage most of his life and so he spends much of his time training to build muscle and mass. To make up for his lack of strength, Graeme has focused on the art of swordplay with the rapier and funds his gambling habits as a sword for hire.

You see I have a rapier, so of course you think I’m a swordsman but I’m not… in truth, I’m an artist.

Graeme Bladesong

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