• Ben-Hadad


  • Decado Wexler

    Decado Wexler

    Impressively lithe and garrulous, his stories are often interesting but perhaps more often (seemingly) irrelevant.
  • Degan Stonecrow

    Degan Stonecrow

    Impressively impressive in all things martial, his sword bites deeply into the hearts and minds of unwitting goblins.
  • Django Wexler

    Django Wexler

    Impressively sensible and innocuous, his divine heritage shines as a beacon for those that might stray from the path of the virtuous.
  • Graeme Bladesong

    Graeme Bladesong

    Impressively skilled with the rapier, what he lacks in strength he makes up for in technique and tenacity.
  • Kaesus


    Half blind but equipped with handsome features and a curse, Kaesus leads his life in a forced devotion to the gods.
  • Masec Nerwalslag

    Masec Nerwalslag

    Impressively unscrupulous and greedy, his skill as a tomb robber is far greater than his willingness to risk his life without due compensation.
  • Morghulis Dökkálfar

    Morghulis Dökkálfar

    Impressively brimming with arcane power, what he lacks in formal study he makes up in raw talent.
  • Nikademus


    Impressively bright and talented, his skill in the arcane arts is far greater than his humility.
  • Parse


    Impressively frail and pale, his ferocity is far greater than his concern for his lifespan.
  • Plonk


    Impressively strong and agile, his fists and feet are far quicker than his mind
  • Scola


    Impressively large, round, and heavy, his girth is far mightier than his sword.
  • Serif Samarand

    Serif Samarand

    Impressively old and infirm, his wisdom and counsel are far more valuable than his martial might.
  • Tex


    With a crooked smile and a seemingly unlimited supply of strands of straw to hang from his mouth, Tex prides himself on being the best bowslinger the west has ever seen.