The Well of the Worm (DM: LSam2)


Haldor has seen better times. Once a robust town, it is now a village on the brink of collapse. Young and mature men alike were mustered every spring and summer for decades as the barons clashed on the formerly fertile plains of Barrowdown. These conflicts destroyed the fields of crops, poisoned the well there, and soaked the earth in blood. While the wars have long since passed, their harm to the surrounding populace had already been done. But now, a new threat rises to finish what the years of battle did not.

Giant worms with the faces of tormented men are emerging from the earth to terrorize the nearby villages and drain the blood of peasants as they sleep. Worse, their victims rise as zombies shortly thereafter, unliving hosts to immature worms as they gestate. A village wise woman has determined the source of the worms – the old abandoned well on the plains of Barrowdown.


The village elders called for volunteers from the village and surrounding areas – brave (or opportunistic) souls willing to battle the plague of worms – and you have answered that call.



Session 1: Kafika, Lucky Dunbar, Scola, and Ildrynn set out from Haldor to the Well of the Worm. Descending into the well, they failed to see (for they failed to look) the nest of war worms at its base. Immature war worms rained down upon them, causing some of them to fall into the water below. Forcing their way into the small crevice on the side of the well shaft, the adventurers were confronted with a horrific sight – corpses with terrified visages plastered to the walls in mucus. Even more horrific, some of the corpses began to move and attack – trying to force the adventurers into the mucus covered alcoves. Scola chopped at them with his sword, Ildrynn fired arrow after arrow, Kafika evoked a cone of searing flames, and Lucky Dunbar’s prayer for luck was answered. After the fight, while moving about the room, they failed to notice (for they failed to look) that a section of floor was in fact only mucus. Ildrynn fell through first and was soon followed by Scola where they were injured as they tumbled down a mucus-lined chute embedded with bits of old armor and weapons. Lucky Dunbar and Kafika tied some rope and descended after them.

Ildrynn: 250/1000 xp (100 role play, 150 combat)
Kafika: 200/1000 xp (150 combat, 50 class)
Lucky Dunbar: 300/1000 xp (100 role play, 150 combat, 50 class)
Scola: 300/1000 xp (100 role play, 150 combat, 50 class)

The Well of the Worm (DM: LSam2)

Session 2: The fall down the chute seriously injured Ildryyn and he lay unconscious and dying. Scola was able to stop the bleeding and upon arriving, Lucky Dunbar channeled divine power to heal him. Investigating the debris of the chute, Ildrynn discovered a tattered banner – the heraldry of which was a broken sword over a starburst. Learning from his experiences above, Ildrynn advanced through the damp passages more cautiously discovering another mucus-concealed chute later on and a portcullis trap at the entrance to a storage room. Discovering the hidden control lever for the portcullis, Ildrynn locked it in place. The party advanced into the mold-covered storage room, cautious of a dripping pool of slime near its center, in order to investigate the rattling sounds of a chain behind some crates and barrels. Scola incautiously came around the supplies only to find himself face to face with a strong looking war worm zombie.

Ildrynn: 520/1000 xp (10 fun, 10 survival, 100 role play, 150 class)
Kafika: 320/1000 xp (10 fun, 10 survival, 100 role play)
Lucky Dunbar: 430/1000 xp (10 fun, 10 survival, 50 role play, 50 class, 10 website)
Scola: 380/1000 xp (10 fun, 10 survival, 50 role play, 10 website)

The Well of the Worm (DM: LSam2)

Session 3: The creature grabbed Scola and the rest of the party (other than Kafika) gathered around to battle it. Defeating it they investigated the storage room to find nothing of value but noted that all the crates and barrels were marked with the same symbol – a broken sword on a starburst. Cautiously descending a ladder to another level lower, the party discovered a large chamber containing two pits of immature war worms being stirred by more zombies. Forced to enter the room one at a time, Scola had been pushed into one of the pits by the time Ildrynn and the rest had descended. Lucky Dunbar tried to pull Scola out while Kafika and Ildrynn dispatched the undead. Advancing further, they entered a large, mucus-covered tunnel where out of the walls war worm zombies lurched at them. The most harrowing battle yet, Scola and Ildrynn were pinned with war worms draining blood from them at one point, but in the end the party won out. Sorely injured and depleted of resources, they returned to Haldor but along the way were attacked by a lone wolf. Sensing his weakness, the wolf attack Scola but was driven off easily. The party briefly discussed their experiences and plans for the next day before sleeping at Scola’s house. The following morning, to their horror, they discovered that the war worms had implanted larva into them. The one in Ildrynn had died overnight and while three in Scola had as well, one still lived. Lucky Dunbar performed surgery on him and successfully removed the parasite. Unfortunately, they also found out that four peasants had been killed overnight by war worms and the village was evacuating in a panic. Before setting back out for the well, Ildrynn spent some time gathering information in the village (as well as some additional supplies). Of note, he discovered that the banner of the broken sword over a sunburst belonged to a dwarven company called “The Breakers” that attempted to stop a war nearly two decades ago but were instead set upon by both sides and destroyed.

Ildrynn: 1085/3000 xp (435 combat, 100 role play, 10 class, 10 website, 10 survival)
Kafika: 780/1000 xp (300 combat, 100 role play, 40 class, 10 website, 10 survival)
Lucky Dunbar: 975/1000 xp (435 combat, 50 role play, 50 class, 10 survival)
Scola: 915/1000 xp (435 combat, 50 role play, 40 class, 10 survival)

The Well of the Worm (DM: LSam2)

Session 4: The party was able to return to the well without incident. Making their way back to where they were previously, they entered a room with a great demonic shrine. They witnessed every few minutes a small worm would roll out the mouth of the demon statue into a pool of blood. While battling the zombies in the room they came under crossbow fire from a filthy, hunched-over humanoid. It fled the room but in his haste to follow, Scola set off a trap and was nearly killed by the falling rubble. The party pursued into a large chamber lit by crimson candles. The Mother Worm lay bloated and disgusting in her swollen vileness draining blood from the corpse of an elf. Meanwhile, war worms swarmed at the party while the Mother Worm spit acid. The hunched-over humanoid, a filthy dwarf named Solom Quor, lamented the death of his fellow dwarves and cursed the party. He released a strong war worm zombie that had been chained to a wall. The Mother Worm’s acid was a serious threat to the group and despite Lucky Dunbar’s aid, Scola was near death the entire fight. Kafika and Ildrynn tore into the creatures, Kafika with his spells and Ildrynn with his bow, and the party was soon victorious. Later, they discovered Solom’s notes on how he was the sole survivor of “The Breakers” and that he swore vengeance on the surface world for their demise. Additionally, a signet ring was found with a symbol recognized by Ildrynn to be that of one of the elf lord druids of Oldarch Forest.

Ildrynn: 2085/3000 xp (650 combat, 50 role play, 75 fun, 10 survival, 115 story, 100 class)
Kafika: 1780/3000 xp (650 combat, 50 role play, 75 fun, 10 survival, 115 story, 100 class)
Lucky Dunbar: 1950/3000 xp (650 combat, 50 role play, 50 fun, 10 survival, 115 story, 100 class)
Scola: 1875/3000 xp (650 combat, 50 role play, 50 fun, 20 survival, 115 story, 75 class)

The Well of the Worm (DM: LSam2)

Adventure, danger, lore, and magic – all this and more resulted from descending into the Well of the Worm. That none of you can possibly return to the mundane lives you had prepared for is certain, what remains unknown however, is what you will do now…

  • The eastern Thire is mostly wildland between Longdale, Hath Hall, and Rockport. Setting out to accurately map it, record its features, determine its resources, and discover any possible sites of interest would place your names in the annals of history as great explorers.
  • Far to the northeast, the Grand Duchy of Leherti has fallen to giants and the army of humanoids they have assembled. Setting out to liberate these oppressed lands would see you lauded across the realm as great champions.
  • The borderlands of the far east are said to possess great evil, strange magic, and horror beyond human comprehension. Setting out to explore such a place and return with the fruits of that endeavor would mark you as great adventurers.
  • Hoards of gold coins, piles of shining gems, arsenals of magic weapons, libraries of arcane spells, and more are hidden away in secluded tombs, ruins, and dungeons across the lands. Setting out to plunder such places would not make you heroes, but it would make you very wealthy and very powerful.
  • To the east, the people of the Theocracy of the Lance are not any more pious than any other folk but their ruling caste, guided by faith in a pantheon consisting of the Father, the Warrior, and the Smith, is admiringly absent the political machinations of the Calieste Empire to the west. Their capital city, Arvale, is one of the great wonders of civilization but the peace and stability of the land is at constant risk from threats both within and without. Setting out to face whatever plagues the good people of these borderlands would see you immortalized as legendary heroes.
  • The elven signet ring and papers found in the Well of the Worm indicate that the dead elves found there were a diplomatic envoy returning to the elf lord druids of the Oldarch Forest. Returning the ring and bringing word of the group’s fate does not have the grand destiny of some of your other choices but just getting there is sure to be an adventure and who knows how the elf lords will reward you?
The Well of the Worm (DM: LSam2)

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