The Eye of the Night (DM: LSam2)


While traveling across the countryside on the way to the Oldarch Forest, the Heroes of Haldor come across a large farming commune in shambles. Fairweather stretches before them, toppled barns and ravaged fields dotting the landscape. A muffled cry leads them to one of the ruined barns, where a dying farmer tells the tragic tale of the raider attacks and their search for a large topaz rumored to rest in the community. He tells the party that the commune leader was last seen being dragged off to a barn on the other side of the commune.


Session 1: Kafika, Lucky Dunbar, Scola, Ildrynn and their new, but dull companion Plonk set out from the beautiful metropolis of Arvale to the farming commune of Fairweather. Fairweather was Plonk’s destination where he desired to meditate at a revered shrine there while the rest intended to carry on to the Oldarch Forest in order to deliver word to the elf lord druids of their envoy’s fate.

Finding Fairweather in the shape it is, the party went to find the commune’s leader. They searched the barn carefully, finding its structure compromised. But upon discovering a large tunnel dug into one of its corners some of the caution was discarded, causing a portion of the floor to collapse.

The party tied rope to the heavy, but unstable timbers and descended one at a time. The first to reach the bottom, Scola was set upon by a multitude of aggressive rats. The rest of the party soon followed with some difficulty. Though not of a particularly unusual size, the rats scratched and bit in such numbers that the risk to life of the group was quickly mounting. The party’s ability to kill one here and kill one there was not making a difference fast enough. It was not until Kafika descended and with his arcane spells cast sheets of flame across the tides of vermin that they were all destroyed.

A raider’s corpse, dressed in the telltale red and black leather that all the other raiders wore, possessed a masterwork cold iron scimitar, a small leather pouch containing 7 gp and 23 sp, and a vial labeled “silversheen.”

Ildrynn: 2415/3000 xp (10 role play, 200 combat, 80 hazards, 40 class)
Kafika: 2120/3000 xp (10 role play, 200 combat, 80 hazards, 50 class)
Lucky Dunbar: 2290/3000 xp (20 role play, 200 combat, 80 hazards, 40 class)
Scola: 2275/3000 xp (20 role play, 200 combat, 80 hazards, 100 class)
Plonk: 860/1000 xp (100 role play, 400 combat, 160 hazards, 100 class, 100 good attitude)

The Eye of the Night (DM: LSam2)

Session 2: The party advanced through the cramped tunnels with Ildrynn searching the way ahead. The going was slow, nothing was found along the way, and they were burning through torches. Ildrynn decided to increase their speed at the expense of being thorough.

They came upon a large chamber where the walls and floor were slick with mud. Numerous mud walls blocked off sections of the area, creating a maze. The party followed the exterior wall to the left and a moment later were set upon by dire rats. The fight was quick as Plonk cracked rat bones with powerful unarmed strikes, Ildrynn impaled the creatures with swift arrows, and Kafika hurled arcane force missiles with unerring accuracy.

The maze opened into a chamber dominated by a huge sludge pit some 30 feet below. A narrow ledge skirted the pit, leading to another tunnel on the opposite end. Ildrynn made his way across with a rope, helping the others. Scola slipped and fell multiple times as he attempted to cross, the rope he held and his allies struggling to maintain his weight being the only thing that prevented him from sliding into the pit.

Ildrynn: 2693/3000 xp (30 role play, 108 combat, 120 hazards, 20 class)
Kafika: 2398/3000 xp (30 role play, 108 combat, 120 hazards, 20 class)
Lucky Dunbar: 2588/3000 xp (30 role play, 108 combat, 120 hazards, 40 class)
Scola: 2593/3000 xp (50 role play, 108 combat, 120 hazards, 20 class, 20 website)
Plonk: 1476/3000 xp (100 role play, 216 combat, 240 hazards, 40 class, 20 website)

The Eye of the Night (DM: LSam2)

Session 3: The party made its way past the sludge pit and came into a large chamber filled with various storage crates and supplies. The squeaking of hundreds of rats echoed throughout, making conventional speech difficult. A pit in the chamber was the source of the rats, as the vermin undulated and spilled out in unlimited numbers like a water fountain, pushed by some unseen force. A brief lull in the sound of the rats allowed the party to hear a different sound – someone was in the pit yelling in pain!

As the adventurers approached the pit, a humanoid stepped from the shadows and attacked – it was the wererat known as Blood Whisker. As his prompting, the rat hordes veered from their random paths and closed on the party. Arcane fire seared rat flesh, piercing arrows impaled rodents, powerful bare hands struck with disciplined precision, and the fight roared on. Scola, wielding a silver longsword, attacked Blood Whisker and, the creature unused to being in peril, fell swiftly before him.

Searing the pit of rats with sheets of flame, they found the commune leader deep within and a magical bag that was the source of the endless rats. The party destroyed the bag and healed the leader who then bestowed the Eye of the Night upon them for safekeeping.

Ildrynn: 3213/7500 xp (30 role play, 350 combat, 90 story, 50 survival)
Kafika: 3000/7500 xp (50 role play, 350 combat, 100 class, 90 story, 50 survival, 12 charity)
Lucky Dunbar: 3168/7500 xp (50 role play, 350 combat, 40 class, 90 story, 50 survival)
Scola: 3233/7500 xp (100 role play, 350 combat, 50 class, 90 story, 50 survival)
Plonk: 2546/3000 xp (100 role play, 700 combat, 40 class, 180 story, 50 survival)

The Eye of the Night (DM: LSam2)

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